​​​Affordable Digital Legal Videography

​​​Franklin Pro Video Services, LLC

No privilege is created when communicating through this website. Information may not remain confidential. Please do not send confidential information.   FPVS, LLC, strives in keeping all information secure and confidential.

FPVS uses only the best of equipment in the industry.  All aspects of the job are recorded digitally.  Uses of the equipment ensures your job will be safely captured.

Our equipment consists of:

  • Panasonic digital double slot SD card camcorder
    • If 1 card malfunctions, the other is used as a backup
    • Manual iris in doctor depositions for light boxes
  • Zoom digital audio recorder
    • SD card can record in either .wav or .mp3
    • Direct audio line to the reporter to listen while on the job
    • Audio can be given at the end of the job so the court reporter doesn't have to wait
  • Sony MC6 recorder
    • Records on DVD as another backup